Concealed Carry & CCW Holsters

Summer is coming and temperatures are rising. This means that the importance of carrying concealed rises as well. If you wanna learn a thing or two about concealed carry, you should check out the blogs written over at Craft Holsters. The guys know their work well and may could provide you with some necessary tips & tricks.

Concealed CarryCCW IN YOUR CAR

Do you spend hours on end behind the wheel? Not sure what to do when you get pulled over when carrying? We will answer your questions + give you advice on the best car holsters.

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SUMMER CCWConcealed Carry

They say carrying fully concealed in summer ain’t that easy. Well, it actually is if you know how to go about it. This blog will show you what the best ways to carry in summer are.

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Concealed Carry


Even if you know everything about concealed carry, you might still use a couple of great CCW holster tips, right? Our Ultimate guide to the best CCW holsters does just that!

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If you agree, you should also get yourself a custom CCW holster that will make your summer concealed carry much more comfortable.

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