Introducing the Galaxy G Series from WE

WE Airsoft just send over some product news about the new released “Galaxy G Series”. Find all the product information for your reference below.

WE Galaxy G Series is an attractive pistol that is like the Ruger MK4 looked like the slide design using the metal structure and look futuristic feeling. You can select between semi-auto and full-auto modes of firing; it features a fair amount felt recoil as well as snappy cycling.

If you are a collector who likes different colors, then you must know this WE Galaxy G series. We launch a new product “WE Galaxy G Series GBB”, its key product to WE in 2021. WE Galaxy G series with outlooks of a luger pistol matched with a G series style frame, compatible with the all-new WE G series MOS (Square gasket) magazines and it comes in 5 colors which are black, blue, gold, purple, silver. For players who have requirements on appearance, this is a very special gun.

Galaxy G Series body that allows the user to mount picatinny rail on it for the mounting of optics, lights and lasers.

There are plenty of the parts for the replacement that allows you customize as much as you want it!

Series Specifications:

  • Full Metal Slide and Barrel Assembly
  • High Strength Polymer Frame
  • Standard Upper and Lower Picatinny Rail
  • Switchable Semi-Full Auto Function
  • 5 color
  • Black (WE-GX01-BK)
  • Silver (WE-GX01-SV)
  • Gold (WE-GX01-GD)
  • Purple (WE-GX01-PL)
  • Blue (WE-GX01-BL)
  • Pistol Length : 220mm
  • Pistol Height : 146mm
  • Weight (w/o magazine) : 610g
  • Magazine Capacity : 25 rounds
  • Power : ~320fps

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