MHS Productions presents – Modern Vikings!

It’s always a pleasure to share a video from MHS here on AMNB. The work they do to show Tier 1 units from around the globe as best as they can is top notch! Enjoy watching!

A small edit that I should have delivered a couple months ago, sorry guys. Probably the last nordic video for a while.

The Vikings were an ancient warrior tribe who were natives of Scandinavia from basically threes countries- Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The group is still listed among the most furious fighters in history and are known for having conducted raids in several parts of eastern and western Europe.

Modern Vikings in the video:

  • Fromandskorpset (Denmark)
  • Forsvarets Spesialkommando (Norway)
  • Marinejegerkommandoen (Norway)
  • Särskilda operationsgruppen (Sweden)

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