SureFire is happy to announce that the Warden is back!

Those of you shooting “the real thing” too are maybe interested to get this news from SureFire which just went in. Their Warden Muzzle Device devices are finally back in stock after a long time due to logistical reasons!

Warden Muzzle Device

The SureFire Warden Muzzle Device for 5.56 and 7.62 mm weapons is engineered to direct the concussive blast of the fired round forward of the weapon system without venting gas to the side, as seen with standard muzzle brakes.

Warden Muzzle Device

This aids in reducing the overpressure felt by others immediately to the left and/or right of the shooter’s firing position. It also limits any dust signature from the weapon when fired from a prone position.

Listen to Chris Cheng what he has to say about the Warden

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