Introducing – the Street Fighter Sling

The new Street Fighter Sling from Viking Tactics is designed to be compactly stowed and quickly deployed by pulling its handle. If this got your interest, keep on reading below and watch the product introduction video from Kyle Lamp right at the bottom.

Street Fighter Sling

The sling comes ready to rock for use in and around vehicles and during confined space operations. This sling doesn’t require additional hardware to stow and operates just like all other VTAC slings once extended. (Select your sling attachments for your weapon on their sling attachment page).


To stow the sling, tighten the shoulder strap and forward adjustment straps, “S” roll the excess and Velcro in place with the small attached tabs. Once ready to put the weapon into operations, pull the release handle and the sling will extend to its desired length.

Kyle Lamb demonstrates the new Sling

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