In-depth review of the VFC PSG-1 GBBR

BB2K Airsoft is one of the first “airsoft media” to get his hands on the new PSG-1 GBBR from Vega Force Company and he did an extended detailed review of it. Enjoy it!

Developed in the 1980s, the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 is one of the most iconic sniper rifles in the world with a reputation for unsurpassed accuracy and quality. It was advertised at the time as the most accurate semi-automatic rifle in the world. With an accuracy of 1 MOA, it even eclipsed the modern HK G28. As an airsoft, the “Präzisions Schützen Gewehr 1” was available for a very long time only from the Tokyo Marui company as SAEG. Umarex in 2020 together with the company VFC has now released a 1:1 gas blowback version of the PSG-1. Thanks to Corona, all fans of this rifle had to practice patience for 1 year. But now the wait is finally over. In my review,

He will not only tell you everything about the airsoft itself, he will also go into a lot of details about the Real Steel gun. Therefore, his review is a bit longer as usual.