Introducing the Varusteleka Särmä TST Alpina Recon Boots Built for Varusteleka by Alpina

We collaborated with Alpina to create these modern, agile leather boots for scouts and other bush ninjas that move a lot. These tall black boots are designed for rough and tough conditions. They are more agile, nicer to walk in, and have better traction than regular army boots, yet sturdy as hell. For military stuff, hiking, hunting, and even everyday use for those who appreciate the timeless military look.

We wanted our own full leather army boots to complement our Gore-Tex boots, so we designed these with Alpina. Weighing c. 830 g (1.83 lbs) per piece, they are quite lightweight and agile for military footwear of this support level. The soles aren’t super stiff but offer very good traction and are quite pleasant for your feet on long distances. Thick and wear-resistant but supple leather, very breathable just like leather boots should be.

The upper is made from black hydrophobic Box leather with a reinforcement piece on the toes and the heel. The lining is hydrophobic Napa leather. The outsole is rubber and the midsole injected polyurethane. The exchangeable anatomic insole has antibacterial treatment. The round black shoelaces are made from polyester/polyamide.

As the name indicates, these boots are made for walking. They are designed with the tough Northern conditions in mind but they also work quite well in a hot climate, too. Many folks think that a leather boot without a Gore-Tex membrane is only good for dry weather. However, with proper care, it is a very versatile boot for all sorts of weather conditions. The world was built and all major wars fought in leather boots, so they are good for you too, gawdammit! We recommend wearing two socks on top of each other with these. The comfort lover’s choice is a Merino wool sock next to your skin and a waterproof sock on top of that but other combos work nicely, too.

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