Introducing the FATPack Pro Medical Backpack from Vanquest

One of the more specialized products that we make is the FATPack-Pro Medical Backpack. As a company with a large customer base of medical professionals, we had many requests for a pack that can provide effective organization for trauma specific gear. Anyone who responds to a medical emergency knows that having gear staged and ready is invaluable for saving a life and being able to save even just a couple seconds can make all the difference. The FATPack-Pro was designed for multi / mass casualty response situations as well as advanced life saving loadouts.

The FATPack Pro is a two layer design that will clam-shell completely open, exposing two sides of purpose built organization. One side has three large vinyl mesh pockets with ID windows to label your bleed control, airway, head injury etc. gear and keep it neatly managed. On the opposite side, there are two layers of smaller and larger format elastic webbing organization. This makes managing items like tourniquets, decompression needles and z-fold gauze in the smaller elastic sections clean and easily accessible, with larger format organization underneath for bulkier items like full size chest seals or ETDs.

We aren’t a team of medical professionals, so we relied heavily on our partnerships with those who practice and train in the medical field for feedback and design ideas to make this bag effective and fill a gap that is missing in the market. While we have training in first aid, cpr and have taken some more advanced classes in TCCC, this is not our day to day and these partnerships have become invaluable for our medical products. Nolan, from Urban Medical Gear, was one of the key individuals who helped us make the FATPack Pro a reality. We’re passing the rest of this email off to him for insight into the design and thought process behind the FATPack Pro!

Being able to collaborate with Vanquest Gear on the design of the FATPack Pro was a unique and exciting experience. Urban Medical Gear has been a dealer for Vanquest Gear for a few years now, and the opportunity to assist in the design phase of a medical focused product was not something we took lightly. The design was first conceptualized with Vanquest Gear at Shot Show of 2020. After multiple cups of coffee and hours spent brainstorming, the Vanquest team and I had a pretty solid start on this project. Scrap paper and a sharpie led to a rough sketch of the concept and interior layout that truthfully, wasn’t too far off from the final product.

My experience in the military and EMS highlighted the importance of medical gear organization as well as soft-goods durability. This focus on organization and access is what drove the thought process behind the FATPack Pro. The exterior of the bag provides access to tourniquets, trauma shears, and personal protective equipment. As mentioned, the three vinyl mesh pockets on the interior of the FPP provide the foundation of an MCI or medical bag. With its high visibility and easy-labeling, these compartments offer quick access to high priority supplies.

With a desire to make this a multi-application bag, several of the internal features were test-fitted for ALS and BLS supplies alike. We wanted to ensure that this bag could reach beyond just the MCI purpose and hold a variety of supplies for varying skill levels.

The multiple layers of high-quality elastic webbing provide secure storage for an array of commonly used supplies from small to large. With many medical providers needing a bag that is mobile friendly, we added backpack style webbing straps to the rear of the FPP as well as MOLLE for attachment to a Plate Carrier or vehicle panel. Double or single strap configuration is provided to give the owner choices based on application or environment.

One of the key aspects of every Vanquest Gear product is the emphasis on quality. Premium level components and materials are used throughout the FPP with great attention to the detail. The FATPack Pro provides the end-user with a bag built to last and ready for almost any environment.

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