As seen on Battle Order!

Yes folks, you can already start to prepare your wallet and save on cash as I’m pretty sure those SIG NGSW rifles will be produced under the SIG AIR brand asap! In the meantime, you and your teammates can already start to study the new US Army Rifle Squad as it potentially looks a like with some SIG NGSW swag!

US Army Rifle Squad NGSW

The notional future US Army Rifle Squad with SIG’s NGSW winners (provided the squad organization isn’t changed under a separate initiative). With “close combat” troops (infantry being the obvious), the M5 will replace the M4A1 while the M250 will replace the M249. The new Vortex Fire Control Optic (XM157) will replace the close combat optic (Aimpoint), rifle combat optic (Trijicon), and machine gun optic (Elcan).

The presence of M17 pistols in the squad is a separate initiative, as the Army signalled around 2017 that it wants to issue them to Squad Leaders and Fire Team Leaders.

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