Umarex HK45 Tactical – Get to know the Key Features

The all new “2022” version of the Umarex HK45 Tactical is available now in Asia as you read this article! The rest of the world,… well you guys know how game players right.

The HK45T it is a high quality replica in process and material, with every appearance parts and all details were base on the real deal! Fully authorized markings, with all appearance realistic structure, the VFC HK45T series is a perfect replica with all details like coating, surface finishing, anti-skid Textured Surface, realistic firing pin, loaded-chamber indicator and more…

True Ambidextrous Use

By using the modular approach to the internal components first pioneered by HK on the USP, the control lever function of the HK45 can be ambidextrous use, VFC HK45 comes standard with all ambidextrous parts include safety lever, slide control lever and magazine release.

Powerful Recoil Action

High-Capacity Cylinder and key parts of internal action made by steel, made you strong recoil power with the highly performance and don’t need to worried about damage.

Umarex HK45 Tactical

Quick Features Overview:

  • Authorized Manufacture& Marking
  • Changeable Backstraps For Adjust Comfort Of Holding
  • Polygonal Outer Barrel With 16mm CW Threaded
  • Patented “Guide-HOP” Hop-up Adjustment With Adjust Key
  • True Ambidextrous Parts Use

Got your interest? I bet so if you’re HK addict as I am. Continue reading the full features on the VFC HK45 Tactical landing page and get to know everything you would like to know about.

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