UF PRO Pistol Fundamentals Part3: Trigger Control & Follow-Through

Pistol trigger control needs to happen sooner rather than faster. Rick Crawley from Achilles Heel Tactical will guide you from drawing to the point of breaking the trigger in the most interrupted manner.

By this point in the Pistol Fundamentals series, as we prepare to focus on follow-through steps, you should have mastered grip, hands marriage, stance, and posture. The follow-through (or, recovery) steps begin after you prep the trigger and execute that round.

About Rick

Rick Crawley has over a decade of combined experience in both military & law enforcement service. During his time as an infantry marine, he deployed 3 times in support of OIF and OEF operations. Rick fulfilled many billets on these tours such as Squad Leader & Scout Sniper Team Leader. Currently while serving in law enforcement, Rick serves as an active member on SWAT and is a Certified LE firearms instructor.

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