Camoshield | thermal infrared protection for professionals


Your favorite gear from UF PRO now gets the ultimate upgrade for operations which require multispectral protection as VIS | NIR | SWIR | MIR | LWIR. Read below about it´s features.

Night vision is now so inexpensive and widely available that it’s practically everywhere. As a result, military and law-enforcement field units have been clamouring for an effective countermeasure that can keep them concealed in the dark.

Introducing camoshield™, a new technology developed by SSZ Camouflage and Schoeller Textil AG that gives you:

  • Permanent multispectral camouflage effect
  • Maximum wearing comfort
  • Minimal weight
  • Superb protection against the elements

camoshield™ hides your near-infrared signature. But that’s not all. camoshield™ also hides your thermal infrared signature. It does this by bringing your surface temperature down to as little as 10 °C. And it accomplishes both without compromising your comfort.


Add this technology to your UF PRO® gear and you’ve got the ultimate combat uniform.

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Products made with camoshield™ are sold only to military and law-enforcement units, and only in volume.