Triple Aught Design releases the Intercept DC Pant a made out of Doomsday Canvas (DC) and flame-resistant this discreet pants are ideal for covert ops.

tripleaughtdesign intercept dc pant

With increasing frequency, today’s missions require blending in across diverse environments. Triple Aught Design Intercept Pant was built to help you prevail without standing out. Combining a classic silhouette with engineered functionality, the Intercept lies in the grey zone between performance and style, keeping you below the radar and in control.

tripleaughtdesign intercept dc pant3

Triple Aught Design Made in USA Doomsday Canvas (DC) is constructed from an optimized blend of cotton and nylon permanently treated with a high performance, flame-resistant (FR) finish. Using a proprietary ammonia-free process, this patent-pending HRC2 fabric is NFPA 2112 compliant and is the lightest weight option available, weighing in at 11.50 ounces.

tripleaughtdesign intercept dc pant13

Specially designed to mitigate potential injuries due to electric arc and flash fire exposure, the combination of these capabilities delivers exceptional protection alongside engineered comfort for the long haul.

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