UF PRO Firearms Instructor Series

Ronnie Jeffries, ex-Army infantry and a current SWAT team member talks about the basics of trigger control and manipulation in this new installment of the Firearms Instructors Series.

One of the most important parts of shooting is Trigger Control. A properly controlled/manipulated finger can help you be a better shooter and make it possible for you to hit targets with greater precision than what might otherwise have been achievable before.

Trigger Control

Ronnie Jeffries (Jeffries Firearms Training) offers three modes of finger placement you can use to properly manipulate the trigger:

  • Index to fire
  • Fire from the wall
  • Fire from the wall with positive pressure added

About Ronnie Jeffries // Jeffries Firearms Training

A former U.S. Army infantryman, Ronnie is an active SWAT team member and a highly qualified law-enforcement firearms instructor. He’s top-gun at Jeffries Firearms Training (and that’s in no small part due to him being its owner).

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