You don’t need to be a doctor to save a life!

Knowing what you can do with the right tools on you can become critical in moments when time is key! Having them “in reach” either on duty or as a EDC tool is a must in my opinion! A TQ is one of those items that makes a difference and you should practice how to use it right!

Don’t hang it on your gear just because it looks cool”

In this article, we highlight a pouch and not the TQ itself which makes it an easy thing for you to carry this essential tool and this pouch is a well thought-out one. Manufactured from TERRA B in Berlin, available from our partner Triple Action in various colors to fit your needs.


The adaptable TERRA B Tourniquet Pouch is designed to hold a CAT Tourniquet or a TQ with similar dimensions (e.g. SAM® XT). Made of robust elastic polyester rubber and lightweight CORDURA® 500 den laminate, the TQ Pouch has a very discreet and flat design due to optimal use of material.

A secure hold of the contents is guaranteed without the need for an additional loop or safety flap, which allows for very quick access during use. A modular back with PALS loops allows a vertical carrying via the MOLLE system or a horizontal carrying on a belt, such as the TERRA B Duty Belt.

The belt is threaded through the TQ Pouch. An additional rubber band loop on the outside of the TQ Pouch offers the possibility to carry a pen or something similar.

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TERRA B offers you high quality and functional products in the tactical area, Made in Germany. Through close cooperation with active forces, we adapt our products precisely to the needs of our customers and continuously optimize our tactical product range to meet the ever changing requirements of police or military service 100%. Your EDC can also be perfectly supplemented and optimized by our articles. Our robust products, such as protective vests, identification bags, magazine pouches and various tactical accessories are handmade in our Berlin factory and individually checked before they leave our production facility. Thus we guarantee a high level of quality of our tactical equipment.