Check out Toysoldiers new available product: Replica AOR1 6094A Plate Carrier Styling

AOR1 6094A PC filled with TS’s Dummy SAPI or Swimmer Plate with AOR1 pouches.100rd E.I. style ammo pouch & LBT Style small utility fitted on right side of cummerbund, E.I.Style triple m4 pouch fitted on the front(Can Hold 6 M4 Mag.), 70 oz LBT Style hydration pouch fitted on back, 2 E.I. Style pistol mag Pouch fitted on left side of cummerbund. A P226 pistol & Navy Ver. PRC-148 (TS’s replica) was placed in the internal pouch of cummerbund.

TS’s 6094A PC & Pouches are made by Real AOR1 nylon & Webbing.

The patch on the chest of 6094A PC is replica Navy Seals “The Hawgs of War” Patch by Toysoldier.

*Dummy plate, Magazines, Patch, Dummy Mk141 Flash Grenade, Cyalume Light Sticks, Tourniquet & hydration reservoir are not included.