Sunday = Gunday | Top Five WWII Small Arms

Larry Vickers gives his picks for the Top Five WWII Small Arms every collector should call his own. He goes over every single piece and as you may know the Vickers YouTube Channel, shooting these scenic beauties for you is also included.

Editors Note:

If you have the budget and of course the lisence to own real guns in the country you live in, WWII guns like these are for sure a must have. The history of every single piece and the feeling shooting them is something you won´t miss. To own a part of gun history is something special every shooting enthusiast would love.

When we break it down to airsoft replicas, the guns shown in the video are all available. As a collector and airsoft player, you might wanna call these your own as well in case you´re addicted to WWII guns,… and I bet a lot of you are!

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