TNVC, Inc. Partners With Wilcox Industries as U.S. Southern and Western Master Distributor Representative

TNVC, Inc., Redlands, CA – Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC, Inc.) of Redlands, California is extremely proud to announce our new strategic partnership with Wilcox Industries Corp., Newington, New Hampshire. Under this new partnership, TNVC has been appointed as a Master Distributor Representative (MDR), responsible for managing all Wilcox Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales within the Southern and Western Regions of the United States, encompassing 19 states, including the entire West Coast.

Wilcox is recognized as the gold standard in NVG Mounting, Laser/Fire Control and Life Support Systems, providing USSOCOM with a variety of intelligent combat solutions supporting the war fighter here and all over the globe. Wilcox’s systems approach fuses together the latest in advanced optics, networking and artificial intelligence to produce the most capable tactical solutions for today’s military, law enforcement personnel and commercial customers worldwide.

This new partnership will allow both TNVC and Wilcox to provide more streamlined and personalized service not only to end-users and customers nationwide as well as to all Wilcox Dealers within this region.

“Having used Wilcox products for many years first as an end-user and as a dealer/distributor, we’re extremely honored and pleased to be expanding our partnership with Wilcox and being appointed as a Master Distributor Representative. At TNVC, our first priority has always been to provide a high level of quality, training, and education to end-users, military, law enforcement, and civilian. Through this new partnership, we believe that we will be able to help improve access not only to products but information and organizational knowledge at all levels of the industry and ultimately serving the end-user and providing the best possible service and support to the community and the industry. TNVC has been remarkably fortunate in our ability to build and steward relationships throughout the Visual Augmentation Systems industry, across manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and customers, and we look forward to this opportunity to build upon those relationships we already have and foster new ones and positively influence the industry, improving the user experience and support to all customers.”
~Augee Kim, TNVC Director of Operations

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