MADBULL Gemtech HALO Barrel Extension(2011 Ver.) (Olive Drab)

Barrel Extension includes 14 CCW flash hider.
Make it flush with your rail system or handguard and get that flush SD look.
Make your inner barrel longer without extending your outer barrel.
There are also two color you can choose: Black and Tan.

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Olive Drab:


MADBULL Tracer Unit Gemtech Blackside

This Tracer applying New modern technology, such as“Low power consumption”, “energy saving”, “light up more BB per second”, “USB Cable”.
When turned activated (via the external switch), firing a BB through the Tracer will automatically trigger a very short, very bright flash of light on the inside.
When using rechargeable batteries, you can use the USB cable to charge them inside the Tracer (having removed the outer shell).

Normal :


Flare :


MADBULL Noise Maker Pet Bottle Adapter(14mm CCW)(Black)

As a leading killer should be done quietly.
How can it make noise?
Let us make the gun no sound!

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CYMA CM032 Metal M14 EBR AEG(Extended Stock)(Black)
Long time NO any info, it is coming back now!