TIER-ONE is bringing premium precision shooting accessories to the global market

There are multiple companies out there who offer standard shooting accessories for a mixture of functions from target shooting, self defence to long range competition shooting and more. TIER-ONE was incorporated early in 2008 when a gap in the market for 5 axis, CNC machined, high precision rifle shooting equipment was identified. This quickly turned from a single item into a full array of high quality TIER-ONE shooting accessories from optic mounts, moderators, bipods and more.

TIER-ONE offers a multitude of shooting accessories focused on precision and durability for the long range shooter. Offering different formats of scope rings such as the commonly used dovetail rings, to the more bespoke cantilever mounts with extra mounting options such as rail attachments and levelling systems.

These top range accessories also include an innovative bipod system known as the Tactical Evolution bipod. The Tactical Evolution Bipod features a revolutionary new mechanism – sealed roller bearings that are impervious to dust and water which enable the Bipod to rotate smoothly around the rifle barrel, a feature not found in any other support system currently on the market.

These products are premium and intended for use in long range precision shooting, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying gucci gear if you are an enthusiast and/or have use for premium accessories that are built to outlast any situation.

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