The NVG that does it all!

The Army’s new Enhanced Night Vision Goggles uses wireless technology to merge the weapon sight with day/night vision, thermal and augmented reality to improve the soldier’s battlefield awareness BAE Systems says about it.

The never ending game to own the night as seen through the eyes of an soldier got a step forward for the US Army regarding this news we fond over at ArmyTimes.

For most of modern military history, soldiers who needed to track battlefield movement or simply navigate to an objective while on foot would spend much of their time staring down at a paper map or GPS device screen, much like a distracted phone gazer bumping into people at the mall, but with deadlier consequences.

A new combination of advanced night vision goggle is merging day/night vision, thermalviewing, weapon sight and augmented reality into one view that allows a soldier to see the battlefield while maneuvering.