“We know you’re gonna get wet, our concern is how fast can we get you dry”!

That’s why the LALO Shadow Amphibian features their signature two-way passive drainage system and a hydrophobic anti-microbial liner to ensure that the drying process starts the second you exit the water.

The Shadow Amphibian is made in conjunction with the US Navy SEALs and for military operatives to use while in the air, on land and while swimming.

Shadow Amphibian

The passive drainage system is not designed to keep the water out, but to let it flow in and out of the boot as needed.

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Used for amphibious operations, where the user is working in or around water, or exiting a wet environment on to land, the Amphibian is a go to boot for those who require quick dry components, drainage, comfort and innovative technology all built into one.

This boot is for those who work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

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