3 reasons why you’ll probably love the P-40 All-Terrains


Hot or cold climates. Dry or wet environments. Grassy plains or jagged slopes. These tactical pants are right at home in any environment. And they’re super-tough, too. CORDURA-reinforced construction combined with streamlined seams (made using a special overlapping technique) prevent damage from sharp objects you encounter. Comfort? P-40 All-Terrain Tactical Pants are built of extremely breathable material that keeps you cool in high temperatures (and warm in subzero conditions with the easy addition of a Windstopper lining). If versatility is what you seek, then look no more.

P-40 All-Terrain


You walk, run, jump, crouch, and engage in countless other motions during the course of a typical day. P-40 All-Terrain Tactical Pants let you perform those movements freely. Credit for that goes to their advanced anatomic cut and enhanced back stretch-panels. Together, those features help maximise your range of motion so you can move better—because the last thing you want is pants that slow you down or hold you back.

P-40 All-Terrain


These are not special-use pants. P-40 All-Terrain’s are meant to be worn all day, every day. That’s why we built into them an enormous amount of gear-stowing space—two large, dual-access side pockets plus a pair each of hand, knife, and back pockets. It’s also why we incorporated a modular knee-protection system that lets you choose either CUSHION pads for extra comfort while kneeling or IMPACT pads that safeguard you against hits to the knees.

P-40 All-Terrain

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