UF PRO Plans to launch Its New Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket on 8. October

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (30 Sept. 2019)—UF PRO said today its new Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket for use by military and police units in cold-weather operations, is going to become available for sale on 8. October.

“There is no other tactical winter jacket that offers the performance advantages of ours, which is why we’re confident it will quickly become the Number One choice among tactical operators who’ll be trying to stay warm and mentally focused in the face of icy winds and bone-chilling precipitation during the months just ahead,” said Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development.

According to Wagner, key features of the Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket include:

  • Water-repellency and total wind blockage;
  • Outstanding thermal insulation characteristics;
  • Sweat- and odor-fighting properties;
  • Exceptional durability yet light in weight;
  • Easily accessed pockets inside and out, eight in all;
  • Wrist warmers that come with cutouts sized for at-a-glance timepiece viewing.

The Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket is constructed of a breathable, dual-layer, partially quilted outer face and a high-tech inner lining, Wagner indicated.

“For the jacket’s exterior we use a partially quilted nylon rip-stop material and beneath it is top-of-class 110-gram G-Loft thermal insulation,” he said. “The reason for partial rather than full quilting is this allows us to reduce the amount of thermal insulation required in places where it’s essential to maximize freedom of movement. Also, this contributes to making the jacket’s weight lower than would be expected given the hefty amount of winter-weather protection it offers.”

The Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket additionally employs a COCONA 37.5™ microfleece lining system that permits use in outdoor temperatures as low as -10° C and that fights both perspiration and body odor, Wagner conveyed.

“Overall, the design strategy we’ve chosen delivers abundant warmth while minimizing your potential for overheating during periods of vigorous activity,” he said. “And as a result of that, if you do happen to get hot enough to sweat, you’re not going to feel wet and you’re not going to stink up the jacket.”

Carrying a price tag of 172€, the Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket—wearable alone or as a mid-layer—is going to be available in Steel Grey, Brown Grey and Navy Blue, according to Wagner.

“We’ve enhanced the jacket’s durability by building into the side areas exterior mesh panels,” he explained. “These panels are made of abrasion-resistant nylon, so they’re going to hold up very well against constant rubbing from the straps of a backpack or plate carrier worn over the jacket.”

Wagner contends that Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket wearers will appreciate its six exterior and two interior pockets—the latter being zipper-closable and sufficiently sized to stow mission-essential objects.

“There’s also a strap-operated pocket at the shoulder,” he continued. “It’s closed with a zipper, but to open it with using only one hand you need only tilt your head down, grab the strap with your teeth, and then open the zipper easily with one hand.”

For more information and to sign up to get updated on the release of the UF PRO Delta ML Gen.2 Tactical Winter Jacket visit UF PRO website here.