Gear-up for the cold!

If you’re preparing yourself for the colder season right now, and looking for gear that really supports your activies the way you need it, the AcE Winter Combat Shirt from UF PRO is one hell of a shirt that keeps you warm when its really cold outside! Learn a bit more in here or read our full review (link below)!

AcE Winter Combat Shirt

The AcE Shirt is built for hardcore physical activities in very cold conditions, but at the same time, offering you the features of a combat shirt during the cold weather season instead of having a bulky winter jacket on you which ends you up not having the full access to your carrier or belt setup.

The AcE Shirt’s design features a complex hybrid structure that keeps you within optimal temperature ranges while also protecting you against the elements, and its designed to work well together with your other gear/layers such as hard-shells or thermal jackets if needed.

Got your interest? Read our full review here!

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