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Product Overview | Arc’teryx LEAF Recce Jacket AR, Assault Gloves FR and Assault Balaclava FR

Here are some of the latest released product overviews from Tactical Distributors. Today we focus at one brand, Arc’teryx LEAF. As described above, three products are up for it. Below you find the videos which highlights each product at it´s best to show you clear all functions. Check em out!



Arc’teryx LEAF Recce AR Jacket – This is a no melt/ no drip 50/50 nylon cotton blended jacket. Built for and reconnaissance mission. It has plenty of secure pockets, extended tail and button closures. Made for combat this jacket will last. Comes in Wolf Grey, Multicam, Ranger Green.

Purchase here: www.tacticaldistributors.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/arcteryx-recce-jacket-ar


Arc’teryx LEAF Assault Gloves FR – Flame resistant materials provide protection, while reinforced finger and web constructions bring durable and reliable performance. The gloves are touch sensitive, so you don’t need to remove your gloves while manipulating touch screens and smart devices.

Purchase here: www.tacticaldistributors.com/collections/arcteryx-leaf/products/arcteryx-assault-glove-fr


Arc’teryx LEAF Assault Balaclava FR – This flame resistant balaclava from Arc’teryx LEAF is worn during Direct Action tasks to protect the user from flame and incendiaries.

The ergonomic design and flat seam construction provide enhanced comfort when worn with a helmet, ear pro, eye pro, and/or O2 mask. The FR mesh materials and construction allows the balaclava to be worn with either the full face exposed or just the eyes.

Purchase here: www.tacticaldistributors.com/collections/arcteryx-leaf/products/arcteryx-leaf-assault-balaclava-fr


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ABOUT Arc´teryx

Arc’teryx Leaf is an outdoors company that was born out of the wilderness. The company is well known for its close attention to craftsmanship in all of the products that it produces. The main purpose of Arc’Teryx is to create outdoor sportswear and apparel that will deliver its wearers the confidence they need to tackle an adventure outdoors. To ensure that their products are of the absolute highest quality, able to withstand the elements of the outdoors, Arc’Teryx has patterned itself with a variety of reputable suppliers and factories across the globe. Learn more…



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