Brand new episode of SureFire Field Notes Series episode 64 is here! In this episode, Matt Pranka discusses the importance of competitive shooting and relevance to tactical shooters.

Matt Pranka is the owner of Xray Alpha, has 26 years of military experience in Special Operations and is a USPSA Grand Master in production Division.

Xray Alpha instructors has spent decades being sent to all of the hot-beds of action, hunting the enemies of the United States. We actively put our training to the test on a regular cycle. We continue to work in this capacity and will consistently be putting ourselves into the fray. Xray Alpha training is driven from the passion of its founder to relay timely and effective training and tactics to the individuals that use them to save others, protect their family, and protect this nation. This isn’t something we want to do for fun or a quick buck, we are driven to give back as something we must do.

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