The Stryke Fast Action Competition Shooting Event is coming soon at Insight Interactive Airsoft Field on Aug 12. Competition starts 9am and ends at 12pm. Its not any ordinary speed shooting competition. You will encounter different situations that you must overcome as swiftly as possible.

Sign up now in store at Stryke Airsoft or at Insight interactive to get a slot in the competition.

Limited slots available. $40 to sign up. If you sign up at Stryke now, you will receive a free bag of .25g bbs. Participants will also be able to play at Insight Interactive for the rest of the day.

1st place: HK 417 (OEM by VFC) AEG +Free Insight ticket and 10% off at Stryke Airsoft

2nd place: Socom Gear dessert warrior 1911 pistol, 1 mag, 1 pistol sling, 1Jtech holster in tan color+Free Insight ticket and 10% off at Stryke Airsoft

3rd place: WE XDM, 1 mag, 1 XDM holster +Free Insight ticket and 10% off at Stryke Airsoft

-Winners of the event is decided on the lowest overall time for all stages
-must obey Insight Interactive Airsoft safety rules
-must have pistol and pistol holster
-Extra pistol magazines must be in pouches
-must be inside shooting box to shoot targets. Stepping over the line or outside the line will result in time penalty.
-Magazine must be out of the pistol and pistol must be holstered for time to stop.
Missed shot: +5sec
Step on the line while shooting: +2sec
Step over the line while shooting: +4 sec
-Shooters must shoot their designated targets only

In addition to the penalties, there is also the Stryke Challenge. If you are daring enough to do the Stryke Challenge on any stage then 10 seconds will be deducted on the shooters time for that stage. Failure to complete the Stryke Challenge will result in a 10 sec penalty.
Complete the stage using a WG 6″ Co2 revolver. When time starts, shooter will Co2 cartridge in revolver and load bbs in the 6 shells and shoot all the targets required for that stage. Time stops when all targets have been shot and all the shells are out of the gun. Revolver and shells will be provided by Stryke Airsoft.

Good luck to all shooters.