UF PRO Begins Producing Limited Quantity of Striker X BDUs in High-Performing French CCE Camo Pattern

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (24 March 2022)—UF PRO today announced it will soon release limited numbers of its Striker X Battle Dress Uniform in France’s high-performance CCE camouflage pattern for dense European forests and similar environments.

CCE stands for Camouflage Centre-Europe in French and is considered ideal for concealment at mid- to long-distances in places lush with green and brown foliage (CCE’s pattern features a tan background overlaid with macro- and midi-elements of woodland shapes in green and brown).

Striker X CCE Camo

Inspired by the U.S. Army’s Woodland pattern, the CCE Camo was introduced in 1991 and replaced France’s venerable TAP47 “lizard” camouflage, introduced in 1947. CCE has been standard-issue for French troops since 1994 and more recently has been adopted by Austrian and Indian forces.

The Striker X BDU consists of three pieces: combat pants, combat shirt, and boonie hat.

Embracing a radical rethinking about trouser design, the Striker X Combat Pants are constructed to meet the rigorous demands of military special-forces units for which extreme ruggedness, reliable protection surrounding the knees, and super-spacious and intelligently configured pockets are crucial.

Striker X CCE Camo

Meanwhile, the Striker X Combat Shirt (like the combat pants) is built to withstand punishing use, a seeming impossibility given its exceptionally comfortable softness. The explanation is that the torso material (known as Lizard/Skin) is constructed from Lyocell/polyamide-knitted fabric reinforced with ceramic dots for tremendous abrasion resistance.

The Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat has mesh ventilation openings front and back to allow the free circulation of air on hot, sunny days. Other vital features include adjustable fit, adjustable brim shape, and an inside-the-crown hidden pocket for holding cash, a passport, and other small documents or objects.

UF PRO did not disclose the exact number of Striker X BDUs it plans to print in CCE Camo, but indicated the quantity would be limited.

For more information, contact UF PRO at: support@ufpro.si

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