UF PRO Striker X BDUs to Be Available in Italy’s Acclaimed Vegetato Camo Pattern for Mediterranean Environments

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (31 March 2022)—Maker of advanced-technology tactical garments UF PRO today revealed it will begin producing its popular Striker X Battle Dress Uniform in the Italian camouflage pattern Vegetato.

The three-piece Striker X BDU consists of Striker X Combat Pants, Striker X Combat Shirt, and Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat. All three will be available in Vegetato; however UF PRO said it intends to make only a limited number of each in that pattern.

Striker X Vegetato

Vegetato was introduced in 2004 for use by Italian military units operating in the Mediterranean Basin. According to UF PRO, the Vegetato pattern provides effective concealment in virtually any semi-arid or subtropical environment dominated by small trees and dense shrubs.

UF PRO said it expects that its offering of the Striker X BDU in Vegetato will prove to be a winning maneuver.

Striker X Vegetato

Each of the three Striker X BDU pieces is in its own right a victory, the company added. For example, the Striker X Combat Pants represent new thinking about how combat trousers are designed and built to provide the ruggedness, knee protection, and pocket configurations required by today’s military operators.

The Striker X Combat Shirt is similarly beast-like in its ability to survive abuse thanks to its Lyocell/polyamide-knitted fabric construction and abrasion-resistant ceramic dots reinforcement.

In addition, UF PRO noted, both the shirt and pants are exceptionally comfortable. So is the Striker Gen.2 Boonie Hat, which features mesh ventilation openings front and back to allow the free circulation of air around the head while the sun beats down.

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