Steyr Mannlicher enters the AR market with their own version of the popular AR-15 weapon system, the STM556.

Steyr Mannlicher, the weapons weapons manufacturing company known worldwide for making the AUG and it’s many variants took it a step further and made it´s first move into the AR-15 platform world with the realese of the STM556, it’s own version of one of the most popular rifles in the world.

Steyr STM556

The STEYR STM556® is a M4 / M16 style assault rifle with interchangeable barrel system, short stroke piston system and monolithic upper receiver. With the newly developed dry lubrication system, the STEYR STM556® aims to be the most reliable assault rifle in the world with an extremely wide range of varieties.

Steyr STM556-2

Steyr – STM556 Specifications

Caliber: 5,56x45mm (.223 Rem.) All ammunition produced in accordance with international and NATO standards may be used.
Rate of automatic fire: 700-900 RPM
Barrel length: 293 mm (11,5“), 330 mm (13“), 370 mm (14,5“), 417 mm (16“), 455 mm (18“), 505 mm (20“), 550 mm (22“)
Rifling: number of grooves 6, twist length, 1 in 7“ or 1 in 9“
Weight empty (w/o magazine): 3,2 kg (16“ barrel)
Overall length (w 16“ barrel): 830 mm stock collapsed, 910 mm stock extended
Overall hight: 184 mm (7,2“)
Width: 63 mm (2,5“)
Magazine: M16/M4 compatible
Action: Gas-operated, Gas piston short stroke
Trigger: Selector for Semiautomatic and Full Automatic Fire
Trigger mechanism: Synthetic (except for springs, steel bearing pins and catch holding open). Optional 3 rounds burst.
Safety: Ambidextrous Rotary Trigger Block
Stock: retractable
Bolt: Rotating bolt with seven locking lugs

Steyr STM556-3

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