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Introduncing | The PlateFrame™ Release System

This intuitive design is a single pull release from any direction with the user’s dominant or non-dominant hand detaching the shoulder strap and cummerbund in an instant.


S&S Precision PlateFrame Release System


The PlateFrame™ Release System is retrofitted to any S&S Precision PlateFrame™ and can be installed on the left and/or right hand side depending on user preference.


S&S Precision PlateFrame Release System


  • Injection molded shoulder and cummerbund buckles
  • Low Profile Pull handle
  • Stainless steel swage balls and coated cable
  • Simple cable management sleeve
  • Ideal for maritime operations or customers requiring quick doffing capabilities
  • Easy to reassemble


S&S Precision PlateFrame Release System

S&S Precision also released two new videos which show the funktion of the system.


Product demonstration


Grab the system of only $69,70 here: www.sandsprecision.com/plateframetm-release-system


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