Get to know – The Expander Wing MK2

The Expander Wing MK2 was built as direct replacement for the original Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Expander Wing Set with a focus on enhancing the product’s functionality on plate carriers.

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Expander Wing MK2

The wing attaches to a Micro Fight Chassis or 556 Placard with a Velcro flap and can be mounted for increased storage capacity on a chest rig or under the cummerbunds of a LV/119. Unlike its predecessor, the Expander Wing Mk2 is completely reversible, and can be used on either the right or left side of the torso without any reduction in functionality or storage capacity.

Expander Wing MK2

Spiritus Systems sells the Wing Mk2 individually for end users who do not require a full set for their loadout.

Expander Wing MK2

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