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SPEED Airsoft releases KeyMod Foregrips

SPEED Airsoft releases more airsoft accessories to support the KeyMod handguard rails for an exact fit and compatibility. The new SPEED KeyMod Foregrips will direct-mount with no adapters to any KeyMod based airsoft handguard system.


Each SPEED KeyMod Foregrip kit includes SPEED Dual Spec KeyMod nuts that are fully CNC machined to ensure the highest quality and precision fitting onto any KeyMod handguard.
All SPEED KeyMod based airsoft products come with the Dual Spec KeyMod nuts system, that will support and enable users to fully utilize SPEED KeyMod products on both KeyMod Mil Spec nut specification as well as KeyMod Airsoft nut specification.


SPEED airsoft products are all in-house CNC precision machined from USA grade billet aluminum by SPEED Airsoft in Canada. All SPEED Airsoft products are available through your favorite airsoft dealers worldwide.
For more info, visit their website at www.SpeedAirsoft.com or contact them at SpeedAirsoft@ymail.com

The following new SPEED KeyMod Foregrips are now available

Part# SA3716 SPEED KeyMod Foregrip – Blade (Black)
Part# SA3717 SPEED KeyMod Foregrip – Blade (Silver)
Part# SA3718 SPEED KeyMod Foregrip – Curve (Black)
Part# SA3719 SPEED KeyMod Foregrip – Curve (Silver)
Part# SA3720 SPEED KeyMod Foregrip – Twin Curve (Black)
Part# SA3721 SPEED KeyMod Foregrip – Twin Curve (Silver)
Part# SA3722 SPEED KeyMod Foregrip – Shark (Black)
Part# SA3723 SPEED KeyMod Foregrip – Shark (Silver)