Stay hydrated! with the Convertube Adapter Set

This system turns almost any bottle into a hydration system, giving you the ability to drink on the move without taking the bottle out of the pack. If you don’t like big hydration bladders, this system is made for you!

Turn Your Water Bottle Into A Hydration System

Convertube Adapter Set

The kit contains four adaptors, a tube with the Helix bite valve and a Dirt Shield.

Convertube Adapter Set

The Convertube Adapter Set includes:

  • Sigg
  • Nalgene (63mm)
  • Evian
  • Standard PET
  • Liquitainers Source


  • Tube length – 94 cm
  • Inner tube length (inserted into the bottle) – 35 cm

Get yours from Triple Action now and get hydrated in style on your next adventure!

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