SOCOM Gear releases the Noveske Gen III NSR N4 licensed by Noveske Rifleworks and uses their NSR rail system design.


The SOCOM Gear Full Metal M4 Noveske 10.5″ AEG is an excellent high end CQB AEG. The pistol grip is thinner to emulate a real gun’s pistol grip. The battery and wires are cleverly hidden in the adjustable crane stock. The Noveske NSR rail system is also made from aluminum and provides a lightweight but sturdy platform for mounting accessories like vertical grips and flashlights. The charging handle, bolt catch/release, function just like the real steel.

Noveske Gen III NSR N4 AEG

The NSR handguard from Noveske Rifleworks was designed with the goal of being the lightest and smallest free floating forend option to the M16 family of weapons. The KeyMod inter-locking rail system is a collaboration between Vltor Weapon Systems and Noveske Rifleworks. Separately, both companies were in development of their own systems, but later realizing that both systems were similar, a standardization of the KeyMod system came to be.

Noveske Gen III NSR N4 AEG7

The KeyMod self-contained components/mounting hardware index and V-block onto the platform, achieving a secured and accurate hold to the system, while separate lugs take the recoil force off the fasteners. The pass through attachment method eliminates the need for loose screws and backing plates that can easily be lost, or difficult to install.



  • New Gen III Metal Body with Enhanced Gear Box Kit
  • Authentic Noveske Engraving
  • Flip Up sight and lower profile gas block included for realistic N4
  • Noveske Gen III Metal body with Magwell feature
  • Ready upgrade to various Noveske Gen III Airsoft Rifles

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