Haley Strategic Partners introduces the M3 Med Mag Mount in conjuction with SOARescue.

We are proud to introduce the M3 Med Mag Mount a collaboration between SOARescue & Haley Strategic Partners. SOARescue is a premier provider of lifesaving equipment and training for the military, law enforcement, and the responsible armed citizen.

The M3 is a mounting platform for the low-profile med mag developed by SOARescue. The Med mag is designed to be the most versatile individual trauma kits available in a small streamline package.

IFAKs can get bulky and the genesis of the Medmag came from a need to have a medical kit that could fit in the mag pouch on an officer or soldier. The mount is reloadable with a wide variety of inserts currently offered by SOARescue.

If there is a need for a specific type of medical kit you can swap the components within seconds. The M3 is constructed of laser cut squadron laminate for durability and strength while also having a heavy woven elastic portion for retaining tourniquets, chemlights, sharpies and needle decompression needles. The M3 will fit most 1.75″ and 2″ belts.

To learn more, go to >> www.haleystrategic.com or www.soarescue.com