The newest Summit package is here. SilencerCo has teamed up with Boresight Solutions to bring this package, it features a custom Glock 19 + Osprey 9K Silencer.

If you’re a fan of customized firearms, then you’re likely already familiar with Boresight Solutions. Based out of Miami, this veteran-owned company specializes in refining firearms for improved function and appearance.

Believing that no detail is too small, Boresight’s wait list can often stretch past eighteen months as they pay meticulous attention to every single aspect of their work.

SilencerCo has teamed up with Boresight Solutions to bring this package to market – without the usual wait time. This Summit package features a Glock® 19 with Special Edition Duty Series customization and an Osprey 9K (silencer only available through Summit packages) all together in a unique co-branded 5.11 Tactical® carrying case.

Only twenty-five of these packages are available, and Only the Best Firearms & Accessories in Florida is the place to buy them.


  • Osprey 9K
  • Glock 19 w/ Special Edition Duty Series Customization
  • Front Cocking Serrations
  • Custom Katana Cuts
  • Mako Top Serrations
  • Recessed Boresight & SilencerCo Logos
  • Glock Extended Magazine Release
  • TangoDown Vickers Tac for Glock Slide Stop
  • Glockmeister™ Grip Plug
  • Apex Trigger
  • Trijicon® Suppressor Sights
  • SilencerCo Threaded Barrel
  • Black Nitrided Piston
  • Custom 5.11 Carrying Case

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