Welcome the Sidewinder Stalk

Streamlight is kicking off the SHOT Show week with the Sidewinder Stalk, their all new multi-fuel military helmet light system with a flexible stalk, multiple color LEDs, a signal beacon, and several mounting options.

Sidewinder Stalk

This durable helmet light is dustproof, waterproof and intrinsically safe with an IP67 rating.

Designed to minimize the number of illuminators and beacons an operator must carry, the low-profile Sidewinder Stalk™ provides ultimate maneuverability. Put light where you need it with multiple mounting options and a flexible stalk to aim the beam. Features white, multi-colored and IR LEDs along with an IR/IFF beacon.



  • White, red, green, blue and IR LEDs plus and additional IR/IFF beacon
  • Flexible stalk to aim the beam
  • Accepts multiple battery types, so you’ll always have a light whenever duty calls
  • Hold it, attach it to your MOLLE, or mount it on your helmet

Learn all about the Sidewinder Stalk™ here:


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