On Friday 26th January 2018, our first casual Shoot & Greet event at Zed Adventures’ The Mall took place with our UK Manager. The Mall is an abandoned shopping mall situated in the heart of Reading town centre in England. This shopping centre has been home to many special events, including having been the home of the Zombie Shopping Mall experience for many years. This site is fairly unique considering its location and setting of this abandoned shopping centre. There are three different floor levels comprising of a main concourse of stores and alleyways which lead to a basement of corridors and dead end store rooms, not to forget a balcony which houses a large show room area and a kids play room of ball pits and slides.

This event took place in the evening which made the mall a very dark and spooky place where flashlights and stealth are very much important and the only way to survive whilst playing the game of Airsoft. It is very normal for someone to get lost in the basement whilst feeling like they’re being hunted by both the opposing and their own team. It is quite difficult trying to identify friends and foes in the darkness. Because this event was a Shoot & Greet event, the UK Manager gave away some unique velcro patches to some players who had shown exceptional sportsmanlike contact that night.