OUT NOW! from SEMAPO GEAR is the DG3 Chest Rig.

The Korean based company is well known for high-end replicas such as from LBT or Crye Precision. They use real AOR1, AOR2 or MULTICAM CORDURA fabric (just to name a few popular patterns they offer) which set an high standard regarding the quality of the product itself. If you think it´s just another cheap copy,… you may have to think twice!

DG3 Chest RigThe latest addition to their line of products is the so called DG3 Chest Rig which is an 1:1 replica of the LBT-2586B-M4. This rig became famous with the guys from SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU) and some other US SF units over the past years and so it is a favored piece of gear for lots of reenactors and MilSim players out there.

DG3 Chest Rig

The DG3 Chest Rig from SEMAPO GEAR comes as an complete set for $179,85 (both versions AOR1 & MULTICAM) and includes the following features:

  • DG3 chest rig x 1qty
  • smoke granade pouch x 2qty
  • radio pouch x 1qty
  • admin pouch x 1qty
  • original Multicam/AOR1 500D fabric
  • original Multicam/AOR1 webbing
  • original velcro
  • original military spec buckle
  • original cord
  • contains 3ea of 5.56mm magazine pouch
  • military spec hypalon inside

For more details and to order yours, please visit their websites “NEW” area here >>> www.semapogear.com/new