Get to know the new Griffin Sling Series from Savotta

Here’s an in-depth video introduction by Savotta showing all the features for you. If you haven’t heard of them yet here’s what they are roughly all about:

  • Three variants to suit specific needs
  • Clean and simple two-point design
  • Easy and reliable rapid adjustment
  • Full metal hardware, steel and aluminium
  • 25 mm / 1″ webbing loops for attachment
  • Lots of colour options

Griffin Sling


The Griffin Sling Series are the commercial offspring of a bunch of slings we designed for a military client according to their requirements. Our client needed proper two-point slings for all kinds of small arms, including sniper rifles and light machine guns.

The slings should carry nasty weight as comfortably as possible, feature forward-pull-to-lengthen quick-adjustment, fit various mounting hardware and be effective and reliable in ”sub-optimal conditions” (it’s -30 °C, you’re suffering from sleep depravation and wearing thick winter gloves and using NVG’s that mess up your view of anything within arms length).

After that we continued to design the lighter midweight version for carbines, and the lightweight for SMG:s and such. Since these turned out pretty nicely we decided to make these available to the public. So, here you go: the Griffin Slings – decently high-speed low-bullshit slings, named after that mythical half-bird half-cat creature for some peculiar reason.

Grab yours here >>