Treat yourself! With the RWC EXA Pistol (Ronin Edition)

Fan of Ronin Tactics? How about an RWC Agency Arms EXA Pistol with Ronin markings. This beauty right here is fully licensed!

RWC Agency Arms EXA Pistol

The RWA Agency Arms EXA Pistol is the first Gas Airsoft Pistol that RWA has ever released under the combined Agency Arms & Lone Wolf Distribution licenses. We at AMNB got the chance to review it some time ago already and you can read all about it right here if you want to get to know all its features.

Now, just in time for the Christmas season, RWA released a few Limited Edition RWC Agency Arms EXA pistols such as the Ronin Edition you’re looking at right here. If you’re a fan of custom guns, this one should be on your list for sure!

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