What Is A Reticle?

We got a guest share “teaser” today from the guys over at Reload Your Gear. They recentely wrote an article about “Rifle Scope Reticles Made Easy” for you to understand this important topic in like no time. Check it out!

For many people, especially for less experienced shooters, choosing a rifle scope means checking the magnification, the lens system, and the physical specifications. But an equally important element to consider is the rifle scope reticle.

This tactical element is probably the most confusing part of a rifle scope.

There are multiple types of rifle scope reticles and, if you’re not a military professional, understanding the difference between them is not always easy.

We aim (get it? Yes, we do puns too ;)) to help you understand them, so you’ll be able to understand the terms used when buying a rifle scope and how to pick a rifle scope for your favorite activity.

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