Rheinmetall has unveiled the brand new Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV)

At the organisation’s Australian Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence MILVEHCOE in Redbank, Queensland, Rheinmetall had the all new Lynx on display. Watch the official launch video now!

The new variant testifies to the vast potential and adaptability of the next-generation Lynx platform. Commonality between Lynx CSV and Lynx IFV provides efficiencies and ease of use for armed forces around the world. Together, the two types expand the Lynx family of vehicles and provide options for up to ten variants thanks to Lynx’s modular design. Lynx CSV will be positioned for export from Australia to allied armed forces, underlining the global localisation potential that comes with the vehicle.

Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s Managing Director, Gary Stewart, said that Lynx CSV is the most sophisticated and capable armoured vehicle ever to be designed and built in Australia.

More than 100 Australian organisations support Rheinmetall local operations as part of the Australian industry network, employing thousands of Australians who are growing a sovereign military vehicle industry with major export programs underway. In Hungary, another state-of-the-art production and testing facility is currently being built, becoming Lynx’ first customer home in Europe.

Did you know? Lynx Combat Support Vehicle is a global project. Join us now to become part of the team: www.rheinmetall.com/jobs

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