After previously dealing with the Herro Kitten gang, RWPD have been asked to look into a local gang hoping to sell their new wares. With this unique situation, Gambit thought it best to try out the new Avatar Grenade hoping that it is all they need to neutralize their targets.

Editor’s Notes:

It’s nice to see a new modular airsoft grenade system arrive in the market. Competing with the likes of Airsoft Innovations and their grenade series for bb dispersion, it will be nice to see how many more manufacturers will enter the category and revolutionise the Airsoft market place.

Redwolf TV is slowly making its way from showcasing “these cool products and many more” in review fashion, to creating production worthy short films which not only give more flair towards the product, but are more enjoyable to watch. Hopefully we will see even more expansion from the Redwolf TV team.