The Novritsch SSX303 is a unique, category-defining product. However, does it measure up as a sniper rifle or is it just a glorified carbine kit?

The Novritsch SSX303 is a non-blowback MK23 style gas pistol carbine that is designed to be quiet, gas efficient and being able to work with heavyweight BBs. Internally the gun has Maple Leaf 303mm precision barrel preinstalled, insuring accuracy right out of the box. This carbine also features a dial type hop up adjustment dial which you could adjust on the go.

Externally, the gun has a CNC body and a polymer pistol grip, giving it solid and realistic feel. This gun features a top picatinny rail and M-LOK rails for all your accessory needs. The gun also have a 14mm CCW thread so you could mount tracers and/or suppressors. As the gun’s pistol grip is essentially the frame of the Novritsch SSX23, this gun will also take Novritsch SSX23 Magazines.

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