Marck from Redwolf Airsoft checks out the Inokatsu COLT MKIV Series 70 Government Model Steel Version.

We have seen many a 1911s on the Airsoft market, what makes this one so special? We are here to find out!

The Inokatsu 1911 can use both CO2 and regular green gas magazines from KJ Works (100% compatible), although the performance with the KJ CO2 magazine is better than the green gas version. However, do know that the KJ CO2 magazine comes with bumper – which if you feel is unsightly, can be replaced with the regular green gas magazine which has a flush base plate for a more realistic look. But the green gas one will only work the gun with crisp blowback in warm weather.

Not designed to be a high powered skirmish gun at 300fps, Inokatsu’s engineers channeled most of the gas back to blowback the heavy steel slide and overcome the resistance of the stiffer recoil spring. As with most Inokatsu’s, the shooting and user experience is what matters most.

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