Hey guys just letting you know the May 2012 issue of Recon-Rag is now online! Just click the banner below to read it.


TOP Shell Ejecting M4A1
TA Events’ – Ashes of War – Part 1
Enola Gaye V’s TLSFX – Battle of the Pyro
A closer look at the Snow Wolf M4A1 Pulse Rifle

Full table of contents to get stuck into;
News from the Front
Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle
TOP Shell Ejecting M4A1
WE G18C – Gen 4
Scope for Improvement – 1×24 Low Light Fibre Optic Holo Sight
Infant-ry Report
Gadget & Games
Real Sword Type 97 Electric Rifle
Modify Hybrid Tight Bore Barrel
Vimy Ridge – A Turning Point In Canadian Military History
Emergency Beacons – VIP V’s 2000M
Enola Gaye V’s TLSFX
Classic Airsoft -TM Desert Eagle Hard Kick
Reader’s Letters
Fieldcraft Facts – The Structure and Role of the Infantry
Tech Talk – Gas Grenades
Ashes Of War – Part 1
Recon News
Airsoft Photography – Focus
Movie Time
Spot the Sniper Competition
My Favourite Scene – Radioactive
Reader’s Gallery
60 Second Review – VTE800 LiPo / LiFe Charger



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