Raven Concealment Introduces the Lictor G9 Double Pistol Magazine Carrier.

The Lictor G9 is the smallest-footprint double magazine carrier on the market today. The Lictor G9 magazine carrier is ambi, and has relief cuts on the outboard face in order to facilitate rapid magazine access whether worn on the waistline or high up on a vest or plate carrier.

The Lictor G9 magazine carrier is designed to accept mil-spec magazines from all of the “Big 3” modern service pistols (Glock 17/19/45, Sig M17/M18, and Beretta M9), and also happens to fit a variety of other popular commercial-market 9mm/.40 caliber pistols with similar magazine dimensions (such as the CZ P07, CZ-75, Beretta APX, Beretta PX4, Walther PPQ, and Springfield XD and XDM).

The design securely holds two fully loaded magazines, and offers adjustable retention that can be dialed down for daily CCW or dialed way up for overt use on armor carriers without the need for flaps or bungies.

The belt clip on the Lictor G9 allows the shooter to quickly don and doff the magazine carrier one-handed. The belt clip can be removed from the carrier, exposing mounting holes which are compatible with a variety of after-market belt attachments and MOLLE/PALS mounting adaptors. This provides end-users with an easy way adapt the carrier to a variety of applications on their body, inside a bag, a vehicle, etc.

This magazine carrier is equally suited for low-vis/CCW roles (like under a sport coat or untucked shirt) and overt roles, like being mounted on a war belt or plate carrier.

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